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What does sustainable mean?

Sustainable is the adjective of sustain, that means keeping something can keep something at a certain level. So, we can assume that this term has been placed on products and functions that support the earth rather than negatively affect it. While the word has other meanings, in 2021 the word is a key word when it comes to talking about how we can avoid the depletion of our natural resources and create an ecological balance to help solve the global climate problem. For something to be sustainable it must meet the needs of now and the future for both the planet and the people who inhabit it.
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What is landfill?

What is landfill? Landfill is the oldest form of waste disposable and comprised of essentially everything we throw away in our lifetime. Australia creates over 76 million tonnes of waste that goes into landfill each year and is made up of masonry materials (22 million tonnes), metals (6.6 million tonnes), organics (15.3 million tonnes), paper (5.9 million tonnes), plastics (2.5 million tonnes), glass (1.2 million tonnes), textiles (0.8 million tonnes), hazardous waste (8 million tonnes) and ash from coal-fired power stations (12.5 million tonnes).

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The most iconic sustainable red-carpet moments of all time.

red carpet

These fashion moments are not only chic and stunning, but sustainable and eco-friendly too. According to Vogue, there has been a rise in repeat wearing, cruelty-free and eco-friendly fashion. The fashion magazine calls this a “game changer” and says that bringing sustainability into high end fashion evokes a new meaning and sense of creativity in the consciousness of these pieces.

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Sustainable Gift Wrapping

While the Holiday season is wonderful, it can be a strain on your wallet, patience, and the Planet. In Australia around 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper, 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging and millions of dollars' worth of food and electronic waste winds up in landfill.
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