How to increase exposure through listing on Facebook Marketplace
By Mick Fritschy, 15/04/2021

We explain how you can get some great extra exposure through listing your items on Facebook Marketplace.

It is so super simple its mind boggling! Here´s how 

  1. Go to Facebook Marketplace.  
  2. Click the “Create New Listing” link 
  3. In the title of your listing add “For Hire”  (Note: At time of writing you can´t put links into Marketplace listings. Bit of a bummer as someone can´t just click on a link and go to your listing.)
  4. In the description, make clear that your item is for hire, and can be booked through Rosella Street. We have prepared the following text for you to cut and paste into the description field:  "For hire for $x per day. [Put further description of item].  Can be booked through (ACT based peer to peer item hire platform). Message me for a booking link :)" 
  5. When someone messages you, send them the web address which comes up when you have the item open on Rosella Street. You can say something along the lines of “I rent this item out through the Rosella Street website as they have ID verification, a secure payment system, and a booking and availability calendar. Please click the following link to book [insert booking link]. 

Boom, it´s that simple! 

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