Rosella St Guarantee

Rosella St is working with Superhog (providers of insurance to Airbnb) to develop a comprehensive insurance backed guarantee. In the interim, items are guaranteed up to different amount based on the subsrciption tier.

Items and spaces are guaranteed up to the following amounts:

  • Users on the free Spirit Subscription (i.e standard free sign up to the Rosella Street platform): $100 per item (or $1,000 for stationary boat and caravan rentals)
  • Experience Hunter Subscription: $500 per item or space (or $5,000 for stationary boat and caravan rentals).
  • Users on the experience Hunter Subscription (i.e $5 per month subscription - contact us if you would like to sign up): $500 per item or space (or $5,000 for stationary boat and caravan rentals).

Coverage is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Loss, theft, damage to items during rentals
  • Items are guaranteed up to the price paid for them (as per proof of purchase), minus reasonable depreciation for age and wear and tear.
  • Items will be replaced, repaired, or the Lender given the value of the item (whichever is the lesser)
  • No excess applicable
  • Lenders and Borrowers first claim on their own insurance if they have coverage (if the items are owned by a business or a professional they must have their own insurance, and first claim on their business insurance)
  • Lender first makes a claim against the Borrower (supported by the Rosella Street Customer Service team if required).

What's not covered?

  • Late fees
  • Punctures to soft tyres
  • Wear and tear - minor superficial or cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of theitem, e.g. small dents, scratches etc.
  • Damage caused by inherent defects
  • Loss of earnings for any reason (e.g you rent out an item you need for work, and this is damaged, not returned, or returned late)
  • Damage caused by extreme weather events
  • Damage to electronic equipment resulting from viruses or any other parasitic program intended to cause loss, alteration of data or malfunction of computer systems
  • The cost of restoring computer data

ROSELLA St Guarantee Eligibility

  • Claimant has not exceeded 2 insurance claims within the last 5 years
  • Claimant does not have a criminal record, or been accused or convicted of fraud
  • Claimant has not had insurance refused, cancelled, or declined
  • To be covered you must be the person who listed the item, and had their identity verified with the platform

Lenderwill be subject to certain requirementsto make a claim, including:

  • A time stamped video or photo of the item for hire within 24 hours of the rental
  • If the item has mechanical movement, a video will need to be included to show it functioning (recording sound where relevant)
  • Purchase receipt
  • Photos or videos of any damage taken within 24 hours of return of the item
  • Claims must be made within 24 hours of the end date of the rental (via email to Rosella Street)