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Buy, sell, share, swap, rent or donate your items on MSA Mart! By getting your next purchase on MSA Mart you can find pre-loved items, textbooks and more all while…see more


General rules: - MSA Mart’s Community values must be respected. - All students must follow the expectations in Monash University’s Student Charter. - All staff must follow Monash University’s staff conduct policies. - Rosella Street’s and the government’s COVID-19 protocols must be followed. - The admins will ban members for: - Breaking Monash University’s Academic Integrity standards. - Breaking Monash University’s Student Charter or staff conduct policies. - Posting incorrect information about listings. - Bullying or harassing other members. Rules for listings: - All payments must be made through the platform. - MSA Mart prefers that exchanges take place in public, such as the Monash University Clayton Campus. If that is not possible, alternate arrangements can be made through the chat. - All book listings must include the: Author, Year published, Edition and ISBN. - Only pictures of the actual item will be accepted. - Any listing that breaks the university’s Academic Integrity standards will be immediately removed. This includes notes, plagiarised work and more.

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