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Find repairers to avoid your goods becoming waste AND if you have to buy something either new or second hand this is the place to buy products that come with a REPAIR…see more


If you're serious about reducing waste, reducing emissions and reducing the harm that done to developing nations to feed the wests appetite for throwing stuff away and buying replacements rather than keeping what we have in use for as long as possible this is the group for you. So this group has two distinct purposes: 1. To allow people with broken products to list them and people with the skills and tools to do the repair to 'buy' the job. When repairers create a profile on Rosella St they can showcase their experience. We, the marketplace host, assume all members are honest but take no responsibility for misinformation or misunderstandings of members or listings. 2. To provide a typical marketplace of items for sale but these products come with a Repair Guarantee. Regardless of whether the product is new or used the Repair Guarantee defaults to 12 months from the date the customer takes possession of the product. Replacement instead of repair is only accepted where the supplier can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the applicable Consumer Rights Government Department that repair was not possible. Financial viability is not an acceptable reason to suggest an item was not repairable. 2a. Despite everyone's best intentions there will be times when items can't be repaired. The owner of the item is responsible for the costs incurred in postage and work undertaken by the repairer to try to fix the item. The repairer must quote what these costs will be in their first effort to offer services for a listing but if they don't and the owner engages the repairer then the owner will still be expected to cover these costs so the onus is on the owner to get this "quote of unavoidable charges" before engaging a repairer to proceed.