Burgmann Anglican School Marketplace

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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A place for us to help one another get what we need. We´re working together to build a stronger Burgmann community and make our school an even better place to be! Buy,…see more


The values of our community are: respect, community building, sustainability, unity and inclusion, positivity, empowerment and action. General rules: Keep listings relevant to the group’s purpose Be kind and courteous - this is a different type of marketplace. One focussed on building community. Say hello, be fun, help each other out, and make new friends Set up your profile on Rosella Street. Our group is about building the Burgmann community. Tell people a bit about yourself, and help them get to know you Follow Rosella Street’s COVID-19 protocols and any ACT restrictions that might be in place. Rules for listings: To keep members safe, payments must be made via the platform only When listing textbooks please include: Author, year published, edition, and ISBN (if available) Pictures of actual items only