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Buy​,​ sell​,​ share​,​ swap​,​ rent or give away! The UNSA Bazaar is a place where University of Newcastle students can get what they need while fighting waste and reducing their impact on the environment. Awesome​,​ right? The group is hosted through Rosella Street the world’s safest and most eco-friendly online marketplace​,​ with ID verification​,​ two-way experience ratings and a secure payment system. A tree is planted for every sale​,​ and avoided waste to landfill is tracked with every rental. Here you can offer your time​,​ knowledge​,​ resources and compassion to others​,​ and help build a strong community. Don’t see the item you’re after? Need some other kind of help? Use the ‘shout out’ function to put out a request. Whether you’re looking for an exercise partner​,​ someone to help you move house​,​ or like-minded people to work on a particular project​,​ reach out to other students through the Bazaar for assistance! Join us in redefining ownership​,​ strengthening community and reducing unnecessary waste.


The values of our community are sustainability, collaborative problem solving, unity and inclusion, positivity, empowerment and action. We also follow the five core principles of the University’s Code of Conduct: honest, fairness, trust, accountability and respect. General rules: • Keep things local and relevant to the group’s purpose. • Be kind and courteous. • Set up your profile on Rosella Street before posting/requesting an item or service. • Follow Rosella Street’s COVID-19 protocols and any restrictions within your jurisdiction. Rules for listings: • To keep members safe, payments must be made via the platform only. • Preference is to exchange items on campus or in a public venue. If that’s not possible, please make alternate arrangements through platform chat. • When listing textbooks, please include the author, year published, edition, and ISBN (if available). Listing the course(s) for which the textbook is required will help students find your listing as well. • Only physical items may be shared or sold through the marketplace (i.e. no selling digital files). • Pictures of actual items only.


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