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  • Join the community of conscious consumers who are redefining ownership, strengthening communities & reducing CO₂ emissions.
    We started Rosella Street because we dared to wonder what our planet would look like if we learned to band together to make better use of what we have. By using Rosella Street you are reducing the environmental impacts of consumerism, connecting our local communities and being more Lisa Simpson than Jeff Bezos!

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    Protection against damage, loss and theft for all rentals. What is the Rosella St Guarantee?

  • Do Something Good, Get Something Good
    Buymarr Bushfood Treeplanting Project

    There's something else on Rosella St that's making people grin - every time you buy or sell on our site we donate $1 to high impact community and environmental projects.

    Right now, it goes towards planting a tree. But not just any old tree! We've partnered with the remote aboriginal community of Buymarr in Arnhem Land (NT) to support their project to plant bush food trees that reduce CO₂, provide nutrition, supports passing on knowledge and helps build a happy and healthy community.

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    Arnhem Land, NT
    Kakadu Plum