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Purchasing items on Rosella Street

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Rosella Street is a great way to find items you need or want!

Making a purchase is simple, once you have set up your account you can browse and purchase items with ease.

Browsing Rosella Street,

The Rosella Street home page is set up to make accessing our listings simple and easy for users. If you want to browse you can simply select one of big blue buttons under the search bar. You can choose to browse items for sale or rental listings.

Once you have chosen the kind of item you want to browse you can scroll through listings and see what Rosella Street has to offer.

On the browsing page you can filter items by price, keywords, category, or you can use the map on the right side of the screen to filter items by location. This is so you can find local and regional items easily!

The browsing pages are set up so users can find what they need or browse all the items. Try exploring the page by clicking on different listings and icons to see where it will take you!

Searching for an item,

If you want to search for a specific kind of item, you can use the search bar. This works the same as any kind of search bar as you can type in key words to find matching items. This may save you some time if you need something fast and do not want to browse the website!

Once you have found your item,

Once you have found your item you can make a purchase by clicking on the listing. This will take you to the listings page where you can view the price, descripting and location of the item.

If you want to purchase the item you can select “request purchase” this will send an automated message to the user that has made the listing, they will then need to either accept or decline the purchase. This will also open a dialogue with the user so you can discuss how you will get the item or ask any questions you may have.

If you need more information about the item, you can select “enquire about this item” this will open a dialogue with the user where you can ask any questions you may have about the item.

Paying for an item,

Rosella Street uses Stripe, an online payment service that allows you to exchange funds with users without giving out personal information or using cash. We use stripe as it protects our users by enforcing ID verification. This way we can promise our users a safe and easy transaction process.

When signing up to Rosella Street you will be asked to add your payment information through Stripe. You cannot make purchases or sales until you have set this up.

Once you have set up your payment information in your account settings, you will be able to make simple and easy transactions by following the prompts that pop up when requesting an item. 


If you would like to know more about Stripe, check out our FAQs Here

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